One of our favorite parts of being in the wedding industry are the people we get to work with. Before we work together, please read our policies and submit the form below.


Vendors may come in as early as 9am to set up. Please note that without an early arrival package, the couple of honor are permitted to arrive 2h before the start of their wedding.

If you have equipment to bring in, you may unload it through the front door. When you are finished unloading, you must park in the main lot.

> Timing, parking & arrival

Please ensure all of your team members conduct yourselves in a reasonably respectable manner. That includes toward all guests, staff, clients and fellow vendors.

> Mannerisms & respect

You are responsible for any of your items/possessions that are left onsite.

> Equipment 

Bear Brook Valley prohibits the use of outside lighting including intelligent lights or up lighting. Co2 guns are also strictly prohibited.

DJ's must plug into our in-house speaker system for reception. Bands are allowed to bring their own speakers. We reserve the right as a venue to control the amplification of any music to be in accordance with the local/state rules.

Outside photo booths are not permitted unless approved by the venue.

You are not permitted to bring in sparklers without contacting the local fire department and setting up a permit. If you do not provide proof of permit on the day of the event, you will not be allowed to use the sparklers.

> DJ's

We do not allow open flames to be used (i.e. candlesticks without a votive). All candles must be fully enclosed in a glass container or fireproof vessel.

You are free to decorate our ceremony archways, but please do not use anything that will permanently attach, such as nails/screw, staples or hot glue. If you are attaching something to the archway, please use twine, zip ties, wires, etc.

You are free to decorate the ceiling beams for ceremonies held in the stables building only.

Our team determines whether a ceremony will be inside or outside 2 hours before the ceremony start time. You are responsible for moving any of your flowers, décor, assembled items, etc. between ceremony locations as well as reception.

We do not supply ladders, cleaning services or cleaning supplies. Please bring in your own and clean up after yourself respectfully.

Bear Brook is not responsible for the setting up or breaking down of the wedding décor. Any sort of table décor (runners, candles, vases, etc.), flowers, etc. are up to the client or florist to clean up. Please make arrangements with the client if necessary.

> Florists & Décor

Please be aware and considerate that we run a day-of rehearsal for all weddings. This only takes about 10 minutes and only includes the wedding party & parents (no bride/groom).

If any property of ours is moved/used for a photo op, please bring it back to its original state.

> Photo & Video

Please provide us with a certificate of insurance for your company which stipulates General Liability and Workers Compensation Coverage, as required by the state of NJ.

> Insurance - All Vendors 

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